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 [Interview] Catherine Bell Loves Acting and Charleston

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MessageSujet: [Interview] Catherine Bell Loves Acting and Charleston   Dim 5 Oct - 19:13

Catherine Bell Loves Acting and Charleston
'Army Wives' Star Feels At Home in the Lowcountry
By Jeff Walker

Catherine Bell of 'Army Wives'

Special Entertainment Writer

Her beautiful face and natural acting ability have graced and entertained us for over a decade on the small screen. With a successful nine year run on the military drama 'J.A.G.' and her current two year stint on Lifetime's popular 'Army Wives', Catherine Bell has become a bonafide television star. Although she enjoys some of the perks the profession has provided her, Bell admits it's the craft that intrigues her. "I always loved acting. Even before I started acting I was a fan of the trade. And now being on the inside makes it more special for me." She continues, "There are so many things about acting that I really enjoy. I love playing different characters and making characters my own. I know for myself I like being entertained by a good performance and I like being able to provide people who watch me with the same feeling. Everything about the business is fascinating to me."

Bell had different career plans earlier in life. She attended college hoping to major in biomedical engineering and took acting classes to overcome her shyness. "I was extremely shy. I took the classes to help me be more outgoing." The statuesque beauty soon found work as a model which led to small parts on television and in the movies. "Early on you take just about every role that presents itself. The smaller roles and bit parts often times help you build your resume and your confidence. I try to take something from each part I've played in hopes of making me more well rounded as an actress."

After having parts now in two very popular television series Bell knows exactly what it takes to keep a show on the air. "There are two key ingredients that make a television series successful. The first and foremost ingredient is the writing. Whether it's a comedy or a drama the writing has to be there. So many shows don't make it simply because the scripts aren't funny enough or compelling enough. If you look back on all the successful shows over the history of television you'll see they've all had terrific writers." The second ingredient she feels is just as important. "You can have the best writers out there but if you don't have the actors to carry the roles you've got a recipe for disaster. The characters have to be believable and the actors that take on those characters have to connect with the role."

Her run on 'J.A.G.' would prove testament to her beliefs. Bell played Marine Corps attorney Sarah 'Mac' MacKenzie on the show for nine seasons along side fellow actor David James Elliott. "I was very fortunate to step into a role that was made for me. I had such a good time on 'J.A.G.'. That's what I'm talking about when I say the writing and the cast are essential. J.A.G. was so well written and the cast was perfect. In Hollywood they talk about having a perfect ensemble cast. That's the way it was on 'J.A.G.'. When you have an ensemble cast and fellow actors you admire and love to work with it makes acting so much more enjoyable."

Bell senses the same vibes from 'Army Wives'. The fan favorite military drama is produced and filmed right here in the lowcountry. Bell plays nurse Denise Sherwood who is married to a career soldier. "I've truly been blessed. Not many actors have the luxury of finding one, let alone two shows with great ensemble casts. All the actors on 'Army Wives' are perfect for the roles they portray and it's like we're a family." With 'Army Wives' being her second television series that involves the military Bell feels the writers and the cast do a good job of portraying men and women in uniform. "We live in a very sensitive time in our nation's history. With our involvement in the middle east shows such as 'Army Wives' has to be very careful not to make light of the situation. Certainly the writers exercise their entertainment license at times, but I feel the show casts no negative views of the military. The Hollywood community and everyone on the show is extremely thankful for all the military do for our country. At our best we hope we add a little drama to certain situations that might present themselves to our soldiers and their spouses."

The second season of 'Army Wives' wraps up filming in mid October and doesn't resume until the spring. Bell says she plans to shoot a sequel to the Hallmark Channel movie 'The Good Witch'. In the original Bell plays Cassandra Nightingale a mysterious lady who comes to a small town and takes up residence in an old mansion many feel is haunted. Romance and mystery ensue. The family friendly movie aired several times early in 2008 and was one of their most popular movies of late. "The movie was such a delight to make I'm looking forward to taking on the role again. Hallmark has a tradition of producing quality movies and providing shows the whole family can watch together. I like that." Over her career in Hollywood Bell has stayed busy doing cameos and acting in big budget movies. She played anchorwoman Susan Ortega in 'Bruce Almighty' starring Jim Carrey and reprised the role when Steve Carrell starred in 'Evan Almighty'. "I've managed to stay busy and find roles that have been both fun and challenging, and in this industry that's a bonus."

As many couples do when they find their way to Charleston, Bell and her screenwriter husband of 15 years fell in love with the lowcountry. Raising a five year old the two decided to make Charleston their home. "We just closed on a house recently and we plan to make the full move from Los Angeles. I'm even trying to convince my mother to move here." Bell admits the southern lifestyle got to her. "Charleston has so much to offer. It has every thing you'd find in a bigger city without the big city hassle. I just love the landscape here, the history, and the cultural community." She goes on to say. "We just enrolled our daughter in school and we feel that we're becoming part of the local community." With the success of the show expected to run several more years Bell and her family are content in the lowcountry. "This is the relaxed lifestyle we've been looking for. We can work out of Charleston and enjoy our time together in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. We plan to be here for a long long time."

C'est super. Army Wives est bientôt fini d'être tourné et après hop elle enchaine avec le tournage de The Good Witch 2. On va encore être gâter avec plein de choses à voir.

J'aime bien aussi comment elle parle de sa famille et comment elle essaie de convaincre sa maman de venir vivre avec eux à Charleston.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] Catherine Bell Loves Acting and Charleston   Lun 6 Oct - 20:45

Merci beaucoup pour l'article Corinne.
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[Interview] Catherine Bell Loves Acting and Charleston
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